EnVision Math Program

Our students are learning to listen and learning to read with understanding to become independent people. Math uses a great deal of language. Just as reading has an alphabet, math has digits and symbols to convey meaning. Students learn vocabulary, must comprehend what is being asked in word problems, determine relevant information when solving problems, show their thinking through diagrams, pictures, words, and number models, and become proficient so they can use math in their every day lives. As adults we use math to cook recipes, decide how much time is needed to get to an appointment, write events on a calendar, stay within the speed limit when driving, and estimate if there is enough of something for a group of people. You can include your children in activities that encourage math reasoning so they make the connection between math lessons in school and their lives.

We use the EnVision Math program in grades K-5.

This math program focuses on using math to solve real life problems.

Students learn skills such as precision and attention to details, discussion using math vocabulary to explain thinking and debate why an answer is believed to be correct, creating visual representations such as diagrams to show thinking, and perseverance so students keep trying even when concepts are difficult.

Students use manipulative such as fraction bars, blocks, counters, small analog clocks, shape pieces, 10 cube rods, and dice.

Students work together and inpidually when solving problems. 

At home, students should work on automaticity with basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and pision facts. This can be done with flash cards, online games, fact family triangles, reciting in 1 minute, or other practice games.